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Наши анонсы: FROMBORK - 2004

Наши анонсы Польша. Здесь с 13 по 15 февраля будущего года состоится открытый турнир по шашкам на малой доске ФРОМБОРК 2004. Участникам предлагается размещение в пансионате ;„Gabriela”, ul. Basztowa 2, Frombork. Турнир пройдет в Baltycki Osrodek Badawczy WSH Pultusk , Frombork, ul. Katedralna 11.


▪ sending a confirmation of participation on address:

Andrzej Grodecki ul. Koscielna 6/2 14-530 Frombork, Poland

or email: A_,

or telephone information on number: +4855 243 7237 (A. Grodecki) till 1st of February 2004.

▪ paying costs of participation:

  • 35 PLN - fee
  • 120 PLN costs of living and meals (if you wish to live and eat in pensjonat „Gabriela”)

Total cost is 155 PLN and is paid on arrival day – 12th of February 2004.


▪ 9 round of swiss system.

▪ 1 hour per player for all moves.


▪ 1st place:

cup, cash prize, TV-sat (worth about 1000 PLN)

▪ 2nd place:

cup, cash prize, other reward

▪ 3rd place:

cup, cash prize, other reward

▪ 4th – 10th place: diplomas

Cash prizes are paid from prizes fund. The 35 PLN fee paid by each participant is shared: 10 PLN – organizing costs; 25 PLN – consist prizes fund. The fund is shared into 3 best players. Details about prizes will be announced at the beginning of the tournament.


▪ The tournament is open, but the organization is able to reserve the accommodation in „Gabriela” for first 40 players, who confirm the participation.

▪ You can get to Frombork by train or by bus from Elblag and Braniewo.

▪ The tournament will be played according to the international rules of draughts.

▪ Currency: 1 USD = 3,75 PLN; 1 EUR = 4,66 PLN ( 18.12.2003.)

▪ If you have any question please contact Andrzej Grodecki.
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