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Тема сообщения: FMJD GA. Отчет CPI (комитета по проблемизму)  СообщениеОтправлено: Дек 14, 2009 - 04:05 PM

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На сайте FMJD опубликованы документы предстоящей 28-29 декабря GA FMJD.
Я хотел дать ссылку на Reports на сайте FMJD, но эта ссылка почему то здесь помещается с ошибками. Смотрите главную страницу сайта FMJD, потом пойдите на документы от 06 - 12 - 2009 на новостной ленте.
На русском и французском языках переведено только часть из них.
Отчет CPI от имени Mr.J.Bus дан только на английском языке. Привожу его здесь полностью (там дана диаграмма, ее здесь даю в нотации):

General Assembly FMJD 2009 Report CPI Composers committee Bus
CPI /FMJD Report for the General Assembly 2009
1. Summary
The main question concerning the CPI that should be discussed at the level of the General Assembly is: Is
draughts composition important enough to get some management support from the FMJD and the
National Federations?
This aspect in addition to the many important things draughts officials have to deal with.
This report also describes the change of the Presidency of the CPI and the introduction of additional
Some of the main activities of the CPI are mentioned as well including some of the time consuming
difficulties the CPI has, just like in the real world of draughts.
Finally a composition is shown, small but tasteful.
2. CPI President and Members
Mr. Bus was active for about 6 years as member of the FMJD Board (CD), for quite some time with the
combined function of Treasurer and CPI President. Mr. Bus is still active as organizer of the international
computer draughts-program tournaments (100 sq).
Now he has retired as CD member. Mr. Bus recently completed the preparation of two FMJD World
championships for draughts composers, the PWCE II for end game compositions and the PWCP III for
small draughts problems. This was his final activity for the CPI. As a consequence there will be less direct
contact between the CPI and the FMJD Board.
In accordance with the CPI Statutes Mr. Matus (Russia) was assigned as CPI Vice President for the
period till the election of the new CPI President by the GA. Mr. Matus accepted to be candidate for
President of the CPI. Mr. Matus is the current World Champion draughts composition and by far the most
successful participant in draughts composition contests ever.
Mr. Shulga (Belarus) is CPI member for a few years now. New CPI members are Mr. Ivatsko (Ukraine)
and Mr. Berenshtein (Germany) who is an expert in Zadachas.
The Netherlands is still one of the countries with quite a number of high level draughts composers, but the
“Kring voor Damproblematiek” is not able to find candidates for the CPI or jury members for the FMJD
World Championships draughts composition.
3. Main CPI activities 2007-2009
Just as for players the FMJD grants official Master and Grandmaster titles for draughts composers, with a
comparable rating system conducted by the CPI. This system was introduced on request by the
composers, mainly from Eastern Europe.
Also just as in the case of players the FMJD wants to grant titles based upon tournaments that are
reasonably well organized and with fair chances for all the participants. The CPI defined a very few basic
not expert rules, understandable for everybody. By far the most participants welcomed these additions to
the current rules, because they protected the interest of the participants who are in good faith.
However, a few people with some influence in the small world of draughts composition did not. The CPI
will not bother the GA with details. The important thing is that the differences of opinion are not of a
technical nature between experts, but more about acceptance of choices made and personal relations.
That is why the CPI needs some support given by the real world of draughts from time to time. Support
from the FMJD and the National Federations concerned.
The additions to the rules by the CPI meant above were tested during the contest Memorial Dalidovich
(Belarus) and applied again during the FMJD World Championship (PWCP II). In both cases these
additional rules proved to be very successful. However, later during the contest FFJD 2008 (France) these
principles were neglected without explanation, resulting in hurting the interest of participants seriously.
The CPI does not have sufficient means to do something about it, on behalf of the participants.
This PWCP II was one of the main activities of the CPI. It brought a number of really outstanding
compositions, though some people protested firmly in advance against organizing the PWCP II. In their
view it was impossible to compose real good miniatures anymore, because there are already so many. In
itself such an opinion can be respected, but it depends on the way it is brought. Fortunately the PWCP II
showed a number of compositions that belong to the best ever.
From the point of view of the FMJD it is also important that two player Grandmasters were very successful
at this draughts composition world championship.
General Assembly FMJD 2009 Report CPI Composers committee Bus page 2
4. A bit of support for not expert matters
As described above the work of the CPI is not easy when a few people on key positions in the small world
of draughts composition permanently try to frustrate the initiatives of the CPI.
The moment that Mr. Bus retires and Mr. Matus gets the opportunity to make a new start is a good
moment to clear the situation.
The GA has the opportunity to contribute to the effectiveness of the CPI by asking the new FMJD
President and the National Draughts Federations concerned to support the CPI when required.
Draughts composition is seldom on the agenda of the FMJD and even less on the agenda of the National
Federations. The draughts composers are to a large extent responsible for it themselves. Draughts
composition drifted in general away from the practical game and internal conflicts within the small world of
draughts compositions did not contribute either.
However, the best compositions, even when fantasies, are still of importance to make young people
interested in draughts and to keep others interested over the years. A number of top players are
interested in compositions with a practical flavor, in particular end games.
5. A diagram says more than words
Do you want to win a game in the perfect way? Just play for White. It is proven that this composition could
have happened in a game well played by both players.
It is easy, play the best moves for White. Then Black will reply with the best defense as indicated below.
1. ……….(14.19)
2. ……….(20-25)
3. ……….(19x30)
4. ……….(4-9)
5. ……… (18-22)
6. ……….(22-2Cool
7. ………..(9-13)
8. ……….(28-33)
And now you might love draughts even more than you did before.

Я, конечно, для себя перевел, но такой некачественный (для широкой публики) перевод не решаюсь оглашать. По моему, не трудно и каждому сделать для себя.
Этот документ там помещен еще 06-12-2009. Немножко странно, что для коллег его должен найти и разглашать такой случайный человек, как я, а не кто то из CPI.
Если у коллег по этому отчету есть какие то вопросы или размышления, напишите.
Algimantas Kačiuška
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